Cowboys vs 49ers Who the experts pick in playoff  contest showdown
Cowboys vs 49ers Who the experts pick in playoff  contest showdown

Cowboys vs 49ers Who the experts pick in playoff  contest showdown

The 49ers are just one day down from hosting the Dallas Cowboys  in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs in what could be their biggest game yet at Levi’s Stadium. T   The winner will advance to the NFC Championship Game onJan. 29– and be one step closer to Super Bowl LVII in Glendale,Ariz.   With a classic  contest in the books, these two  brigades will turn the  runner on Sunday and write their own stories.   Can  novitiate quarterback Brock Purdy lead the 49ers to the NFC Championship for the alternate time in a row? Or will Dak Prescott lead the Cowboys to an NFC Championship in 27 times?   Then is what people on the interwebs are saying.   Sports Illustrated   Albert Breer,  elderly NFL  journalist  Pick 49ers   Mitch Goldich, editor  Pick 49ers   Gary Gramming, elderly Editor  Pick Cowboys  Conor Orr,  elderly author  Pick 49ers   John Pulliam, Managing Editor  Pick 49ers   Athletic   The responses are from two  directors and three assistant trainers who haven’t been named.  ” The Cowboys have the capability to  produce the kind of pressure that can make Purdy look like a  novitiate and make  miscalculations,” the  superintendent said.” It’s going to come down to whether Brooke cares about football.”  ” Dallas will make life  delicate, but San Francisco’s offense has a lot of munitions,” another  superintendent said.   One trainer said the Cowboys were  veritably  worried.” The Cowboys defense will stop the run and confuse the  novitiate QB.”  ” The Cowboys are explosive,” said one trainer who picked the 49ers.” I  suppose Kyle will know how to attack Dean’s defense and make plays.”   Experts Pick 49ers 3, Cowboys 2   ESPN ” What to watch Niners quarterback Brock Purdy has aced every test thrown his way to this point, but the Cowboys’ defense represents the biggest challenge Purdy and the 49ers’ offense have faced.) and ranked second in sacks per dropback(8.6) on the season.” There is no stopping him under pressure. That will go a long way in determining the winner in this classic playoff  contest.”– Nick Wagner  ” Bold vaticination Brett Maher will  protest a game- winning 47- yard field  thing against the 49ers to  shoot the Cowboys to their first NFC Championship Game since the 1995 season. All eyes on Maher, rovers. And he will look like a kick who set the Cowboys’ single- season scoring record and missed just three field  thing attempts and three PATs during the regular season. Now that is bold.”– Todd Archer   Eric Moody’s pick 49ers 34, Cowboys 27  Seth Walder’s pick 49ers 30, Cowboys 28  FPI Forecast DAL,53.2( up0.9 points on average)    CBS Sports ” The crazy thing about this game is there is  surely a chance it could turn into an  obnoxious shootout. Since Week 7, these are the two highest- scoring  brigades in the NFL and it’s  principally Related to the fact that both  brigades did  commodity big this week The 49ers traded for Christian McCaffrey while Dak Prescott returned from his injury.   “ While this game could turn into a shootout, it could also turn into a protective struggle and that is because both of these  brigades are in the top five for  smallest points allowed during the 2022 season.  ” The most  intriguing coaching  tourney in this game  surely involves Kyle Shanahan’s offense going up against Dan Quinn’s defense. I swear, every time those two guys are on the field together,  commodity goes crazy. I am sure everyone remembers the Falcons’  grand fall in Super Bowl LI. In that game, the Falcons had Quinn as their head trainer and Shanahan as their  obnoxious  fellow, so I guess we are eventually going to find out. Who should we  condemn for the fall of Atlanta?  ” The 49ers have been one of the stylish  brigades in the NFL this time, but I am still not sure how they’ll look against a good  platoon. The 49ers had the easiest strength of schedule in the NFL this time.’s  triumphs came in a bad split( including the playoffs, they went 7- 0 against NFC West  brigades and 7- 4 against everyone differently). Also, since Brook Purdy took over the starting job, the 49ers have really Untested because they have not faced any really good  brigades. Purdy looks great, but he faced five  brigades in the regular season that finished with a combined record of 35-49-1.”

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Pat Prisco  Pick Cowboys   Jason LaCanfora  Pick 49ers   Will Brunson  Pick 49ers   Jared Dobbin  Pick 49ers   Ryan Wilson  Pick Cowboys   John Breach  PickCowboys   Dave Richard  Pick Cowboys   Jamie Eisenberg  Pick 49ers   Game vaticination Cowboys 27, 49ers 26   USA Today ” The Niners look like one of the most well- rounded, balanced  brigades in the playoff field. Kyle Shanahan developed a scheme that allowed Purdy to shine. The 49ers’ defense is elite at every  position and will give the Cowboys Should fit.”   Lorenzo Reyes 49ers 31,Cowboys 23   sports news ” The 49ers and Cowboys were the only  brigades with big  triumphs in the wild card round, with San Francisco delivering at home and Dallas on the road. Brock Purdy and Dak Prescott are the most popular QBs going into the divisional round. Nick Bosa and Micah Parsons were also the  separate leaders in  obnoxious protective  effectiveness.  ” The 49ers are riding an 11- game winning band and have  further depth and diversity of  obnoxious munitions around Purdy. They also have a significant home field and comfort advantage. Christian McCaffrey and the  handling game have led San Francisco. Dalai, the point of taking comfortable control in the fourth quarter.”   Pick The 49ers win 31- 24 and cover the spread.   Pro Football Talk ” Michael David Smith’s Take After watching the Cowboys dominate the rovers on Monday night, I am tempted to get upset then. But I  suppose Brock Purdy is going to get the 49ers offense going and the 49ers defense going. Will do enough. Will force Dak Prescott into a many successions to win a low- scoring game.”   MDS Picks 49ers 17, Cowboys 16  ” Mike Florio’s take The 49ers have a collection of  obnoxious linemen who can roll out of bed and run through a  slipup wall. And indeed though trainer Kyle Shanahan has  undervalued it, he knows that spending two  redundant days Makes a world of difference, especially with the Cowboys. Protective  fellow Dan Quinn is canvassing  for the Broncos job when he should  else be preparing to crack Shanahan’s  law, and not crack his own.”   Florio’s pick 49ers 24, Cowboys 17

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