Nida Yasir's answer about 92 World Cup went viral
Nida Yasir’s

Nida Yasir’s answer about 92 World Cup went viral

Nida Yasir is one of the most entertaining artists in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Whether you like it or not, Nida knows how to attract attention and has invited controversial guests many times in her career to make statements that people can’t figure out why she made them. Who can forget the famous Formula 1 car gaffe but it seems the queen of morning shows is back with another one and this time it’s the 92 World Cup.

When she guested on Shoaib Akhtar’s new show with Shaista Lodhi on UrduFlix, Shoaib asked her what year Pakistan won the ’92 World Cup and asked Nida to find the answer. Had to catch up. He politely asked Shaista Odhi whether we had won the ’92 World Cup in 2006. As Shaista tried to stop him from going further, Shoaib Akhtar dragged him further as Nida looked for the winning year.

If you thought Nida Yasir could never make up for her famous Formula 1 blunder, you’d be wrong, as Pakistan’s morning show queen made a fool of herself yet again with another hilarious gaffe on live television. Is. Dr. Shaista Lodhi appeared as a special guest on Pakistani cricket legend Shoaib Akhtar’s brand new talk show, The Shoaib Akhtar Show, on OTT platform UrduFlix.

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Nida Yasir’s answer about 92 World Cup went viral see the video here:

Rawalpindi Express asked Nida Yasir a fairly simple question that turned out to be a mind-boggling puzzle for our favorite dim-witted celebrity.

Fans got some interesting teasers from Shoaib Akhtar’s upcoming talk show, in which everyone fits. A clip from the show features guests Shoaib Akhtar, Nida Yasir and Dr. Shaista Lodhi. During one of the segments,

 Akhtar gave Nida a trivia quiz, asking her,

When did Pakistan win the World Cup in 1992?

The question surprised Nida, who looked to Shasta for help. The Samjhauta star was surprised by Nida’s dim wit and helped her, but Shoaib Akhtar answered her question “When did Pakistan win the World Cup 2009?” changed to, to which Nida Yasser quickly replied “1992”.

We wonder what was going through Nida Yasir’s mind during this segment. Nevertheless, the hilarious moment left everyone laughing, and went viral on social media. All we can say is, Nida Yasir, please never change! We can’t wait to watch this episode on the upcoming talk show.

After the success of Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza’s popular gossip show, Rawalpindi Express is all set to launch its own talk show titled The Shoaib Akhtar Show on the popular OTT platform UrduFlix.

The talk show will premiere this weekend on February 17.

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