Explosion in Area i-10 of Islamabad
 Explosion in Area i-10 of Islamabad

 Explosion in Area i-10 of Islamabad

Islamabad: An explosion occurred in a vehicle on the outer road in Sector I-10 of the federal capital.

According to police sources, the explosion took place when the policemen stopped a taxi. According to preliminary information, one policeman was killed in the blast.

After the blast, rescue teams and teams of police and other law enforcement agencies have rushed to the spot.

An explosion occurred in Islamabad’s Sector I-10, resulting in the death of one person while a police official was reportedly injured.

According to the sources, police vehicles were chasing the suspicious vehicle, as soon as the police van approached, the vehicle exploded, as a result of which reports have been received that one official was injured, while one is in critical condition.

Police have confirmed the death of the alleged assailant while the nature and cause of the explosion is being determined.


  • Police have cordoned off the area and started collecting preliminary information.
  • First aid is being given to the injured policemen while 5 policemen are seriously injured.
  • Sources say that there have been incidents of terrorism in this area before.
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