Peshawar Zalmi powerful regional anthem wins hearts
Peshawar Zalmi 

Peshawar Zalmi powerful regional anthem wins hearts

Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchise, Peshawar Zalmi has been a bit slow this year when it comes to its new anthem.

The highly anticipated anthem celebrating Peshawar Zalmi’s love for their city, province and culture has become an annual tradition for Peshawar Zalmi.

This year’s regional anthem is composed by the Jam Boys, a talented musical duo known for their distinct style and fusion of traditional and modern sounds.

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Jamboz lead singer Junaid Kamran Siddique and Arsalan Shah lend their voices to the anthem and give it a soulful and powerful feel.

The regional anthem has been penned by talented lyricist Wijdan Khattak and Laikzada Laik who have captured the passion of Zalmi and the fans in their words.

See Peshawar Zalmi powerful regional anthem here:

The lyrics of the anthem pay tribute to the city of Peshawar and its people, highlighting their courage, resilience and zest for life. Peshawar Zalmi fans are very excited about the release of the regional anthem. Waiting for PSL season to start.

The anthem is expected to become an instant hit and serve as a rallying call for the Man in Yellow and his fans throughout the tournament.

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