Jeremy Renner 'heard screams of pain' in 911 call after avalanche accident
Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner ‘heard screams of pain’ in 911 call after avalanche accident

Audio of Jeremy Renner’s 911 call after his snowplow accident has been released.In the latest update, the 52-year-old Marvel star is home from the hospital after being crushed by an avalanche on New Year’s Day.

The actor was hit by a car near his home in Reno, Nevada while trying to clear the streets for his family and neighbors.

After being airlifted to a local hospital with “blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries,” he underwent emergency surgery the next day, according to a statement from his rep.

A recording of a 911 call made by Reiner’s neighbor after the crash was obtained by news outlets including CNN and ABC7. It reportedly lasted more than 20 minutes and includes audio of Rainer “groaning” in pain.

“Immediately!” According to ABC7, the caller is heard yelling in the call. “Someone’s been run over by a snow cat!

“Listen to me,” said the neighbor. “You might want to get the life flight out of here immediately.

“Are you still with him?” asked the operator.

“Yes,” replied the neighbor. “He’s in some form. We need someone here right now with life-saving techniques.

The operator replied: “Sir, we’ve got help coming in from all over right now.”

Jeremy Renner 'heard screams of pain' in 911 call after avalanche accident
Jeremy Renner 

Earlier this week, close friends of Reiner reportedly told Radar Online that it could take “two years” for the actor to fully recover.

“Doctors space out operations to allow time for the body’s natural healing process to begin, and that’s the case here,” the source said.

However, his sister Kim is more optimistic about his recovery. She told PEOPLE that the family is “thrilled with her progress.”

“If anyone knows Jeremy, he’s a fighter and doesn’t mess around,” she said. “He’s crushing all growth targets. We couldn’t feel more positive about the road ahead.”

Sources say Jeremy Renner died in a snowmobile accident.

The actor’s chest reportedly had to be reconstructed after falling from the “absolutely crushing” snowcat.

Jeremy Renner cheated death when an ice pick hit his chest during a horrific accident in January that required emergency surgery.

Jeremy Renner 'heard screams of pain' in 911 call after avalanche accident
Jeremy Renner 

The accident happened a week before the actor celebrated his birthday on January 7. His spokesman announced that he had undergone “blunt chest trauma and orthopedic surgery” following the Jan. 1 accident at his Lake Tahoe ranch.

He was reportedly using a 14,330-pound snowcat to help pull a family member’s car out of heavy snow. He got out of the car to chat with the family when the car started moving and tried to get back into the driver’s seat but ended up crushed instead.

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TMZ obtained a 911 call log that described the severity of his injuries, including bleeding from the head, a leg injury, and “extremely difficult” breathing. The scariest part was that his right chest and upper torso were crushed from being “completely crushed” by the snow plow.

Sources are now saying that Rainer could have bled to death on the spot had it not been for the help of his neighbors who made sure to keep him awake while he waited for a plane to a nearby hospital.

“It’s a lot worse than anyone knows. Jeremy is very aware of the fact that he almost died there,” an insider told Star magazine in its January 30 issue. It’s beyond that.”

Luckily, a neighbor tied a tourniquet around his leg to stop the bleeding and prevent him from going into shock. The source said that he saved his life and that if he had been alone at the time, he “would have died alone of anemia.” It was touch and go but the people who were with Jeremy just kept talking to him” while they waited for the helicopter.

Renner reportedly suffered extensive chest damage from a snowplow accident and had to have it reconstructed in surgery. Friends are saying he has at least two years before he can get back into fighting shape and will have to undergo more surgeries.

Jeremy Renner, Marvel’s Hawkeye, hospitalized after snow plow accident

See Jeremy Renner picture from hospital here:

Jeremy Renner 'heard screams of pain' in 911 call after avalanche accident
Jeremy Renner

Actor Jeremy Renner, who played Hawkeye in the Marvel “Avengers” films, was in “critical but stable” condition at a Nevada hospital on Monday after suffering a “responsible injury” while shoveling snow. K’s publicist and local officials said. 

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” As of now, we can confirm that Jeremy is in a critical but stable condition and has sustained injuries after being involved in a rainfall- related accident while digging snow  before  moment,” publicist, Samantha Mast, told media on Sunday. The actor’s family was with him. that he was  entering” excellent care.”   Oscar  designee Rainer, 51, has  possessed a home in Washoe County, Nevada, for several times, according to the Reno Gazette- Journal. This area of northern Nevada  entered heavy snowfall on New Year’s Eve.   The actor has starred in several Marvel  systems, including two” Mission insolvable”  flicks and” appearance,”” American Hustle” and” 28 Weeks latterly.” He was nominated for an Academy Award for Stylish Actor for his work in” The Hurt Locker” and  entered a bravery Supporting Actor nomination for his work in” The Town” in 2011.   Original  officers said the actor suffered a” traumatic injury” on Sunday morning and was airlifted to a original area sanitarium.   The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that it responded to a traumatic injury at 9a.m. Sunday in the area of Mount Rose Highway in Reno, Nevada. He said Rayner was the only party involved in the incident, which is being delved .   Actor Jeremy Renner is home from the sanitarium, recovering from an accident that could have killed him.   Now we hear the 911 call after Rainer was crushed by a snowcat near his mountain home.   His neighbor is desperately trying to get the actor’s help. Snow slows  exigency response.   Reiner  twittered  before this week that he was  passing what he called” brain fog.”   Croakers say it could take two times for Reiner to recover from his injuries.

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